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About Brazen Tees


About Us

Back in college, before computers were the norm, we used to create and sell t-shirts to help finance our fun. And boy, was it hard work. Our designs were all done by hand; the printing was executed on traditional presses; and the selling tactics we employed were anything but easy.

With not so discrete duffle bags slung over our shoulders, we moved stealthily from dorm to dorm, asking struggling students for a precious ten bucks in exchange for a shirt that was sure to get some laughs, and probably ruffle some feathers along the way. At that time, the thought of owning a t-shirt company never crossed our minds; we were just trying to make some extra cash to buy beer, go on dates, or get away for spring break.

Brazen Tees channels the fearless, entrepreneurial spirit of our college days, and leverages the power of modern technology to fulfill our mission of providing unique, engaging t-shirt designs that will get people talking. As for the duffle bags, we're leaving them behind; but we remain committed to providing the best and funniest t-shirt designs on the planet!